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Business Phone Systems and ERP

One of the features of the technological age is variety. From computing, to phone systems, business now have a wide variety of different options to choose from, depending on the size and the needs of the business. Perhaps one of the fascinating examples of this variety falls within business phone systems, especially considering the choice between cloud-based and on premise phone systems. 

Below is a review of some of the best phone systems in the market, and the features that make them powerful for businesses.

Cloud-based VoIP systems are one of the best phone systems for businesses today. VoIP technology is lauded for its ability to convert call into data, which is then sent securely over the internet. Some of the essential benefits of VoIP systems is that they offer a business some much needed flexibility. Additionally, this system can easily be used by a variety of workers, including but not limited to homeworkers, mobile workers, and people out on site.

The second impressive phone system is the on premise phone system. On-premise ERP phone systems are phone systems which are located on the business premises, and which utilize both IP and traditional technology. Some of the common on premise phone systems include MiVoice Business, BT Quantum, and Avaya IP Office. 

MiVoice Business is ideal for high end businesses which have complex communication needs. It’s also ideal for call centres. BT Quantum, on the other hand, offers a flexible and powerful architecture that is aimed at supporting small and medium enterprises with up to 48 employees. Ayaya IP combines the strengths of an on premise system, with the agility, flexibility, and other strengths of the IP System to make for a massive addition to the business.

The third phone system is the BT One Phone Office. In this system, businesses are advised to replace mobile and desk phones with a single device, which has the ability to switch between office and mobile networks seamlessly, whenever the business owner or staff leave the office. This system is designed for businesses which value mobility both in the office as well as outside. The ideal business size for this phone system type is a mobile workforce of fifteen or more employees.

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