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Rating small business phone systems.

It is important to read the reviews made online by various customers of a certain telecommunications provider or to listen to your friends or acquaintances when they speak about the telecommunications provider with which they collaborate. But there is nothing more rewarding than testing the services of some providers yourself and rating the providers, by taking into account your criteria, not other people’s.

And rating some telecommunications providers should always start by assessing your telecommunications needs. You may discover in vain that a provider offers up to 400 extensions, call answering features from a predetermined IP line, or the possibility for a call to be received by a number of phones and to be answered by the first person available, if all that you want is an auto attendant with interactive voice response.

Instead of checking all the services provided by telecommunications companies, you should firstly see what you need and after that, check out the companies that can provide you with what you want. This will allow you to save precious time, and take into account only the companies that can indeed transform into your business partners. When you find some companies that comply with your requirements, check out the small business phone systems they offer.

Take a piece of paper and a pen and enter the websites of the telecommunications providers that you have in mind, to evaluate their small business phone systems. You can rate their systems on a scale from one to five or to ten. Make sure to start with the manufacturer of the phone systems you will be using. If the manufacturer is Epygi Technologies, you can relax knowing your company’s telecommunications needs will be greatly satisfied.

Epygi Technologies is worldwide recognized for being a leader in the telephony industry, providing users with affordable VoIP technology. This company sells IP PBXs and Gateways that help companies reach their objectives and increase their productivity. The company provides easy-to-use products and no hidden costs. Let this leading telephony communications company focus on your telecommunications, while you concentrate on your products and services.

The next thing to rate is the possibility offered by telecommunications providers of improving the phone system’s capabilities. If the business grows, you need to upgrade all the systems in your company, including your phone system, so pay attention to this aspect from the very beginning. Some phone systems have limited improvement capabilities and knowing this from the start can save you from potential problems in the future.

Finally, a thing that needs to be rated as well is the possibility of actually testing the products and services offered by a telecommunications provider. You may read in vain about a phone, voip system that it works like a breeze, if, when you start using it, it is no good. Test the phone system that you plan to purchase to see if it can handle lots of phone calls. Chances are you will not get as many calls daily as you use during the test, but it is important to see how the system behaves in stress conditions.

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